doctor-of-asskicking asked: You've probably thought about it but maybe send the fan project to one of her costars and ask them to pass it on to her. They probably would do that. :)

Yea, I had thought about this but I wanted to avoid spamming because twitter blocks people very quickly for that. It would have to be a team effort in order to get them to notice.

txsftbch2014 asked: How will get these bday wishes to charlotte?

I sent her the info about the fan project and the site a few months ago. There’s no guarantee really but since she doesn’t have any type of social media, it’s sort of the best we can do.

alittledreamforme asked: Where is this gif set from?!! from this post of yours... /post/76906227626

It’s from a vine, you can watch it here


Gail Peck strutting into your heart.

Charlotte’s Birthday!!

Ok, I’m so behind with everything, but if you didn’t know, Charlotte’s birthday is on the 21st, which is just 10 days away! Because I already organized the fan project this past summer, I figured I could just put any birthday messages up on that site.

So, if you would like to submit anything for Charlotte’s birthday, you can email it to me ( and I’d be happy to put it up on the fan project site. I’ll accept submissions up through the 21st.

Thanks guys!

insp. (x x)

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EricJJohnson79 Coming to theaters “WHOOPSIE DAISY” starring @mperegrym and Charlotte Sullivan as DAISY. Directed by @_adammacdonald

@EricJJohnson79 Dear @mperegrym I’ve been saving this photo for 3 years.  Congratulations. Good luck with your future;)