Anonymous asked: Hello! Can I just check with you bout something? I've seen some gifs bout commentaries made by writers and cast on the rookie blue episodes. Where can I find those? I mean, is it available in DVDs?

The commentary is not available on the DVDs, unfortunately. It’s something that ABC and Global posted when the episodes were airing. Just transcripts, no audio. You can probably find them by scrolling through here

thebryceage Goofing off on set with the mega talented beauty Charlotte Sullivan (slash helping her get into character) at #RookieBlue. Happy to be one of her ‘dingleberries’

Rookie Blue Playlist: Gail Peck

klier2014 asked: Do you know of any projects Charlotte has coming up during the hiatus?

No sorry. No new projects that I’m aware of.

Charlotte Sullivan | through the years
(via less than 25% of her acting credits because she hasn’t slept since she was 12)


Get to know: Charlotte Sullivan [insp]

Favorite Brotps | Peckstein

             “It’s just after everything I did to be seen as an equal, I’m back to being the rookie screwup.”

             “Dov, shut up.  The only person who sees you that way is you.”


Gail Peck + Leather jackets

charlotte sullivan in fever pitch
Anonymous asked: When Gail and Oliver are in truck (i think) and Oliver takes Gails hat off.. And she's wearing that candy necklace.. Where´s that from?? Thanx..

It’s from the Gail and Oliver stakeout webisode. You can watch it on Global’s website if you’re Canadian. If not, I think it’s on vimeo.