Gail Peck + Favorite S5 Moments [1/?] 

Charlotte Sullivan | Behind the Scenes, Rookie Blue Season 5

@MattMurray28: This is how serious, professionals prepare for their scenes.. Charlotte and I are no nonsense actors… we serious!

Anonymous asked: can I use one of your great gifs for my sidebar?

Sure! Thank you for asking.

@KatrinaSaville On location with these rad troopers. Day 4 of 7, 515. @MattMurray28 busted a few moves today. Stay tuned y’all.

jordanpatrick14 Tbt to that time I met Gail Peck #rookieblue #gailpeck #tbt

alisha_morrison #tbt #onset of #HarrietTheSpy one of the most memorable times of my life…amazing #cast and #crew (x)