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             “It’s just after everything I did to be seen as an equal, I’m back to being the rookie screwup.”

             “Dov, shut up.  The only person who sees you that way is you.”


Gail Peck + Leather jackets

charlotte sullivan in fever pitch
Anonymous asked: When Gail and Oliver are in truck (i think) and Oliver takes Gails hat off.. And she's wearing that candy necklace.. Where´s that from?? Thanx..

It’s from the Gail and Oliver stakeout webisode. You can watch it on Global’s website if you’re Canadian. If not, I think it’s on vimeo.

Rebecca Berardi on set with rookie blue

"Secret meeting in the Sally Port. " (x)

gail peck + photoshop vomit

Any photoshop wizards out there who would be interested in making a new header for the website? Let me know!